My name is Virginia Tolkin, however, my parents and family members have always called me by the name of Ginny.  Phonetically it sounds like Geeney.  Why?  Part of the reason is because my mother’s name is Virginia and my parents were Spanish speaking.  They never quite pronounced Ginny correctly.  My background is in psychology and counseling but my true nature has always been that of an artist.  I decided to stop fighting against it and roll with it.  I have sketched my whole life and won first place and best over all in an art contest for my school when I was in the 8th grade.  Since then, I took up painting as a hobby in 2005.  I never had the voraciousness as I do now.  The year 2014 was a year of loss.  My grandmother and stepsister-in-law both passed away within the same week in February.  These events led to sadness and a difficulty in managing my pain.  Loss has always been hard for me.  To cope, I painted and painted and painted.  Many of my paintings I gave to my mother and put up in my own home.  One day, I was looking at my paintings, thinking, “It’s too bad that no one will see my art unless they come over and look at my walls.”  This thought led me to wanting to have my paintings put onto to fabric so that others could see my artwork on apparel.

As a result, G-Nee’s Creations – Wearable Art and Design began to take shape.  It is a work in progress and in process. Also, along with my artwork I plan to highlight the artwork of other artists that I find interesting.  For example, my brother-in-law’s father Vano Wirta was an art teacher and artist.  His artwork is included on page on my website.

My direction thus far is to strive to market myself as an artist through the medium of applied art in commerce, for example, through fabric designs on apparel, coloring books for a person or organization, or images for giclee prints, posters, stationary or greeting cards. etc.  

My goal has 3 parts: 

1.  Creating paintings, sketches and images for purchase by the consumer and corporations.

I plan to market myself as an artist who provides paintings, sketches, and images to users (such as art lovers, hotel owners, interior designers).  These can include original paintings, sketches, giclee prints, paper copies or posters.

2.  Creating products using my artistic designs – Resort Wear, Travel Coloring Books, Political Wear, Political Coloring Books, Artistic Design Wear, Artistic Coloring Books & Silkscreened images to wear or for Crafts to color in.

I have created artwork that can be used for fabric designs and created artist designed clothing and artist decorated clothing for resort boutiques or gift shops or individuals.  Also, I have had my images silkscreened onto white shirts that can be used to wear as is or can be used as a craft for coloring.

I have also created coloring books for adults or children.  These coloring books have political themes, artistic themes, and travel themes.  My family and I travel often and I usually sketch while on vacation so I have designed travel coloring books as well. The travel coloring books can be sold in gift shops, airport stores, craft stores and travel agencies.  Also, I love to stay up to date with current affairs which includes politics during the presidential primaries.  I have sketched humorous images of the current political primaries elections and included them in coloring books and on fabric and apparel.

3.  Market my artist images to manufacturers.  

I plan to market myself as an artist who provides artistic images to manufacturers of products (such as fabric, apparel, coloring book, stationary & greeting card, and poster manufacturers).  

What makes me unique is not just my painting, sketches and images, it is the explanation I provide of my art designs.  I am a storyteller and love a great story.  Hopefully, my art will leave you with a desire to uncover the story.  

This is an example of how I reveal my story to you:

My paintings, my sketches, my coloring books, my clothes and my writing all represent my art that tell my story.



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