Aileen’s Bridge

Acrylic Painting on Canvass

Aleene’s Bridge

Aleene requested a painting of a bridge colored in black and white. My painting contains white, black, cream and cool gray.

This is my interpretation of my painting using these four colors.

 White – The color white is associated with purity, cleanliness, goodness and simplicity. On my painting you will notice the color white on the leaves of the tree, the clouds in the sky and on the bridge. The painting is simple and the neutral colors along with the contracting white and black creates depth and an atmosphere of tranquility.

Black – The color black is a strong color associated with dignity and mystery. You will notice the black on the tree, on the bridge and on the leaves. The largest portion of the painting is dedicated to the black bark of the tree. I enjoyed creating the feeling of mystery and seriousness in Aleene’s painting.

Cream – The color cream is neutral color associated with calmness, elegance, softness and loyalty. In my painting, I use cream for the color of the sky. The sky is calm and peaceful and the cream color adds to the tranquility of the painting.

Cool Gray – The color gray is also considered a neutral color but it is associated with conservativeness and sophistication. The leaves are gray, the bridge is gray and the clouds are gray. The painting reflects an atmosphere of refinement and education.

Tree – Trees can be thought of as symbols of stability, strength, endurance, reaching towards the heavens, our ancestral heritage, lasting relationships, growth, solid roots giving rise to new ideas, and solid roots give rise to fruits, consistent work giving rise to positive outcomes. When I think of trees I think of the story, “The Giving Tree.” The tree gives, gives and gives without wanting anything in return. The tree I interpret to represent love from our ancestors, our families, our parents and hope that we will give rise to positive results or “the fruits of our labor.” In my painting, the tree represents the stability and strength of parents working hard to raise their children so that they can be a positive force in the world.

Leaves – Leaves are often associated with truth, growth, and change. Such as the phrase, “”turning over a new leaf “, usually represents a positive change. In my painting, the leaves are cool gray representing authenticity, genuineness and veracity as we live our lives.

Bridges – A bridge is often associated with hope, links, connection, transition, struggle, change, and a place where two points or ideas can meet or come together. In my painting, the bridge connects two points that are unseen. In my painting, I interpret the bridge as an opportunity for one to return to the tree representing our parents, ancestors or extended family for strength, support and love.

Clouds – Clouds can be associated with powerful emotions, change, and inspiration. Clouds are always moving and changing. As we look at clouds, we often perceive different images. Clouds bring a shade from the sun and sometimes rain. In my painting, you can see the brightness of the clouds through the tree branches indicating that the sun is hidden behind the clouds. The sunshine is breaking through the clouds (or one’s own emotions) and providing the warmth and energy needed for the tree (or love from our ancestors, families and parents).

Sky – The sky is vast. The phrase, “The sky’s the limit” refers to the fact that there is no limit.  The sky in my painting symbolizes our potential as human beings.



Virginia Tolkin

I sign my paintings by my nickname Ginny Tolkin



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