Mulberry Trees Painting Design

"Mulberry Trees" - Acrylic Painting at Hotel Casa 425.  Inside a room.
“Mulberry Trees” – Acrylic Painting at Hotel Casa 425. Inside a room.
Artist Designed Jersey Knit Shirts with Digital Graphic Print of Mulberry Trees Painting.
Artist Designed Jersey Knit Shirts with Digital Graphic Print of Mulberry Trees Painting.
Mulberry Trees
Shirt with “Mulberry Tree” Painting Design


The painting, Mulberry Trees, shows one Mulberry Tree in the center and two Mulberry Trees on the bottom left and right side of the painting.
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s mulberry tree, I created three trees. The background of the painting is red symbolizing love, passion, and motivation. The central mulberry tree begins with the roots covered in red representing love. The roots of the tree are hidden from view but the presence is felt supporting the rest of the tree. The roots in my painting symbolize teachers, parents, family, ancestors, communities, education and values whose influence is tremendous but often not noticed by others. The trunk of the tree represents hard work, study, practice, discipline and learning that is colored blue, green, cream, olive green and black. Royal blue is a color that is described as symbolizing superiority. However, in my painting I use this color to emphasize higher levels of thought and education. I use green to hint to youthfulness and naivety. The cream color that I use is there to suggest elegance and softness. The olive green on the trunk is associated with strength of character. The black is the color of the bark the emphasize dignity and strength. Growing out from the trunk of the tree are the branches.

The branches on the mulberry tree are black, blue, cream and lime green. The branches symbolize the contributions made to the world, gifts used, and the impacts made on others. If you look at the mulberry tree you will notice that black is a strong dominant color on the branches of the tree. I use the black color on the branches to create a feeling of drama, mystery and dignity. Blue is a calm color. I use blue to represent a feeling of wellbeing, soothing, positive outcomes and peace. I use royal blue on the branches suggesting extreme worth yet indicating a humble spirit. I’m trying to send a message of the importance of volunteers, givers, contributors and their altruistic nature. The cream color on the branches hints at elegance and loyalty. The lime green is a vibrant color of the branches used to symbolize naivety and innovativeness of the contributions. Below the main tree you will notice two other trees.

The two trees at the bottom of the painting represent offspring and indicating their contributions to the world.



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