Whimsical Jennifer

Whimsical Jennifer

Painting of Whimsical Jennifer

You can interpret my painting in a variety of different ways.  The way I interpret it is only one way you can see my painting.

The title describes the fun personality of the person in the picture.

When you look at my painting you will see a women, with long hair of various colors, brown eyes, plumeria flowers, a white flower and green leaves.

The Woman – A woman often represents unattainable love, the object of love, fertility, sexuality, motherhood, growth, nature’s renewal and motivation to take action. However, in this painting, this woman is a woman that I know. Her name is Jennifer. In this painting, I painted her with long multi-colored hair and brown eyes to describe her personality that is whimsical, joyful, outgoing and loving.

Long Hair – In this painting, I paint Jennifer with long hair that in my mind represents youth and health. Long hair reminds me of Samson who gained his strength from God through his long hair. In my painting Jennifer has long hair because I perceive her as a strong women who is blessed. Also, not only is her hair long, it is also blue, yellow, orange, white and just a touch of green.

Colors – Blue is very often associated with calmness, relaxation, stability, loyalty and confidence. Yellow represents sunshine, joy and freshness. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement. White is associated with goodness, light and purity. Lastly, green represents nature, growth and freshness. When I painted Jennifer, I thought of her as relaxed, confident, enthusiastic, good and balanced.

Brown Eyes – Jennifer’s eyes are large and brown. People with brown doe-like-eyes often are perceived as trustworthy, vulnerable, reliable, grounded and approachable. Jennifer can be described as all of the above.

Plumeria Flowers with a blue stem

The plumeria flower is perceived as positive in Hawaii and as love in China. When you look at the flower you will notice its beauty and freshness. When I drew a sketch of the plumeria flower, my friend, Jennifer, said that it was so tropical and made her feel like she was on vacation. I added the blue stem later to show stability and calmness.

A White Flower – White is associated with purity and goodness. Again positive attributes like the plumeria flower.

Green Leaves – I learned that leaves are often associated with truth. Green leaves with nature, growth, balance, peace and harmony.

Jennifer’s hair continues into the picture with the plumeria flowers to show that her youth, health, enthusiasm, goodness and lovingness inspires her environment and contributes to the harmony surrounding her.


Virginia Tolkin

I sign my paintings by my nickname Ginny Tolkin



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